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The Role Leaders Play in Facilitating Better Communication

Steven M. Darien serves as chairman and chief executive officer of The Cabot Advisory Group, LLC. Through this firm, Steven M. Darien offers services to help companies improve operations and their leaders to manage teams more effectively. A key aspect of effective management is communication. Leaders must have the ability to communicate their needs concisely and plainly. However, communication goes beyond personal language. Leaders must also strive to create an open environment that encourages sharing among other employees.

To establish an open environment, leaders should encourage their employees to talk about issues amongst themselves, while setting an example for effective listening. Managers should respond quickly to questions and concerns with concrete information or action, and pass issues beyond their jurisdiction to the appropriate individuals.
Leaders should ideally hold regular meetings with their team to discuss the issues that could affect employees and to keep them involved in relevant business activities. These meetings are an opportunity to get feedback and brainstorm new ideas. However, they do not replace one-on-one meetings with employees, which show individual concern for the performance and happiness of each employee.

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