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The National Academy of Human Resources - Electing Fellows

Steven Darien

Steven M. Darien serves as chairman and CEO of the Cabot Advisory Group, a consulting firm based in New Jersey. A longtime leader in the field of human resources, Steven M. Darien is a fellow of the National Academy of Human Resources (NAHR).

The NAHR was established in 1992 to recognize professionals who excel in human resources. NAHR fellows are responsible for identifying and nominating candidates who would make positive additions to the academy. Candidates are elected by the fellows, and the nominating fellow shoulders the responsibility of orienting his or her candidate.
The NAHR Board of Directors is also involved in selecting candidates for consideration. In addition, the board watches over the integrity of elections. Candidate reviewers, selected by the academy president, support the board in this mission, ensuring that high standards for membership are maintained.

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