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SHRM Study Shows Value in Hiring People with Criminal Records

Steven Darien

For more than three decades, Steven Darien has been working in consulting and human resource management. He serves as the CEO and chairman of the Cabot Advisory Group, a company dedicated to improving company performance for clients. Active in the professional community, Steven Darien belongs to the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM).

The largest human resources society in the world, SHRM regularly hosts events, offers educational opportunities, and completes research to advance the human resources profession. In May 2018, SHRM announced the results of a study on the value of hiring people with criminal records.
According to the results, most HR professionals see no difference in the quality of workers with a criminal record and workers without a record. In some cases, people with a criminal record were actually better workers than people without a record.
In addition, many HR professionals stated that the cost of hiring people with or without a criminal record is the same. About two-thirds of professionals said that their organizations have hired people with criminal records.
Despite the emerging positive view, quite a bit of uncertainty still exists when it comes to hiring people with criminal backgrounds. Just over 40 percent of managers stated that they are uncertain about hiring people with criminal records, while 47 percent of HR professionals echoed this sentiment.

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