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Rutgers University International Leadership Exchange Relief Efforts

Steven Darien

Steven Darien, a human resources professional with more than 30 years of experience, has led the Cabot Advisory Group of New Jersey for more than half his career. Steven Darien also remains involved with his alma mater, Rutgers University, from which he graduated in 1963.

Rutgers University, through its International Leadership Exchange program, has begun providing aid to Puerto Rico in the wake of Hurricane Maria. Alongside multimedia icon Angie Martinez, the program's Global Scholars have been working to deploy We Share Solar suitcases for various community organizations, including community help centers and a cancer care center, on the battered island. These suitcases provide reliable, efficient solar power for medical devices and mobile communication.

The International Leadership Exchange program has finished deployment on five suitcases, and intends to deploy at least 11 more before the end of the summer. The program received a special award from the university's Committee to Advance our Common Purposes for its work worldwide, including similar initiatives in Africa, South Asia, Central America, and the Caribbean.

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