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Rutgers' Alumni Help Current Students' Path to Wall Street

Steven Darien

Chairman and CEO of the The Cabot Advisory Group LLC since 1996, Steven M. Darien focuses on strategic planning and communications in this financial consulting company. A graduate of Rutgers University in 1963, Steven M. Darien is now a charitable donor to the University.

While a great many Rutgers graduates have traditionally worked on Wall Street, Rutgers’ alumni are now working with the university to ensure that future graduates will find employment there as well. The initiative has been named “The Road to Wall Street.”

The new program strives to offer networking opportunities at the school, field trips to high profile Wall Street financial houses, resume building workshops, and mentoring by an influential alumnus. Program mentors and Rutgers alumni contend that they see their companies recruiting heavily at Northwestern and the University of Virginia as well as the Ivy League schools, and that Rutgers needed a platform to enhance the school’s conduit between future grads and the best opportunities in finance.

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