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George Street Playhouse Theater Education Program

When not busy as the chairman and CEO of the Cabot Advisory Group, Steven M. Darien does his best to give back to the community by contributing his skills to a number of organizational boards. Steven M. Darien currently serves on the board of the George Street Playhouse, a theater that both hosts plays and provides opportunities for interested parties to learn more about theater.

The George Street Playhouse provides theater classes as part of its Summer Theater Academy, which is an all-day theater camp for young people. Students between the ages of 5 and 8 can learn about the ways in which songs tell stories and participate in theater games.
Those aged 9 to 12, meanwhile, can perform plays themselves and learn about theatrical concepts, like character development and improvisation. The most challenging course is open to teenagers and involves the creation of a play from inception to performance. Working with professionals in the field, students challene themselves in areas like songwriting and character creation, ultimately performing the play at the end of the program.

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