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Beginning Swimmer Tips

Steven Darien

The chairman and CEO of Cabot Advisory Group, LLC, Steven Darien enjoys pursuing outdoor sports during his free time. Among other activities, Steven Darien participates in walking and swimming, both of which promote good cardiovascular health and improve stamina.

Though swimming is a great exercise for individuals of any age, novices are often intimidated by the thought of learning. Here are a few tips that will help new swimmers find their sea legs more quickly.

Find your comfort zone. Start at a comfortable speed and depth, rather than literally diving headfirst into the deep end. Those who challenge themselves excessively the first time often do not return for a second.
Use the right equipment. While serious swimmers might eventually find a need for fancy equipment, the only things a new swimmer needs are a swimsuit and goggles. Some new swimmers may also benefit from fins, as they add additional power to a beginner's weaker stroke.
Get used to the pool. Not all pool time has to be spent swimming. Pool running, which involves tucking kickboards under each arm and then moving your legs in a walking or running motion, is a great workout and a way to get accustomed to being in the water.

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